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Mr. Sadiq is a qualified legal practitioner called to the Nigerian bar in 2015. Prior to his call,  Mr Sadiq attended Ahmadu Bello University Zaria  where he obtained his LL B in the year 2014. 


Mr. Sadiq is an astute and active advocate, currently involved in most of the litigations being handled by the office. He has so far successfully  represented clients in contentious matters including election petitions before superior courts of record including the court of appeal and the supreme court of Nigeria either as co-counsel or lead counsel.


As a solicitor, Mr Sadiq is a detailed and well-trained legal draftsman. Drawing from his wealth of experience which he acquired while being engaged in law clinic, legal aid and access to justice projects. His approach to legal issues is innovative and highly advanced. 


Sadiq has attended many seminars, trainings and conferences organised by the Nigerian Bar Association as well as the Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC), Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Sharjah Arbitration Center (Tahkeem) and other UAE based institutions.