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The firm handles sensitive corporate and company law issues. These issues frequently arise in matters pertaining to corporate structure, corporate contracts, law relating to the creation and regulation of corporations, legal relationship between shareholders and management, the organization and mode of subscription of capital, transferability of shares, minority protection, deadlock, corporate roles, composition of board and management. 


In corporate/commercial transactions, businesses need lawyers with not only good business and technical skill, but also specialized expertise, ability to work well with many management and other professional advisors, and dedication in helping businesses achieve their goals. From small firms to multinational companies, we advise on corporate and commercial transactions of all varieties, including mergers and acquisition (public and private), corporate reorganizations and restructurings, joint ventures, franchising and outsourcing. Other services we normally render to banks and other institutions include:

  • Registration of mortgage Deeds
  • Registration of Debenture Deeds
  • Filing of Annual Returns


Moreover, our general Corporate and Commercial Law section deals with matters relating to Business law, Business Fraud, and Banking and Finance.



We provide comprehensive legal services to a wide range   of clients, from entrepreneurs who wish to start a new business to public companies and major institutions requiring sophisticated legal services. While we are experienced in handling difficult transaction which may involve large amounts of money, we regularly handle smaller transactions with equal care and attention. We are attentive to the needs of businesses and we have the right combination of lawyers to provide timely objectives. We strive to give our clients the best services in terms of turnaround time and value.



Our business fraud team at TRI – NASR concentrates on issues of tax fraud, bribery and corruption. Securities, intellectual property fraud, banking and financial crimes. We advise clients engaged in international transactions particularly foreign clients who conduct business in Nigeria, either directly or through subsidiaries, for both existing and new investments.



The Nigerian financial sector is constantly in progress of change with a direct impact on other sectors of the economy at both national and international levels. As a result, the need for in-depth knowledge of the legal issues relating to the sector becomes more crucial as players in the sector need every assurance that their interests are properly protected. In this regard, TRI – NASR understands the industry and is engaged both by banks and their customers to provide the crucial legal regulatory support needed to consummate transactions.


The firm provides comprehensive financial advisory services to clients including international/lending institutions, commercial and merchant banks, leasing companies, insurance companies, mortgage institutions, brokerage and investment companies and other financial institutions.



Where appropriate, we introduce our clients and contacts to each other in circumstances where there is likely to be some mutual benefit. Some examples are where we introduce potential borrowers and lenders, buyers and suppliers, or professional advisers to each other.



We also aim to provide our clients with more informal networking opportunities, where they can meet new contacts and extend their business network. These opportunities range from our own client receptions to hosting trade and professional association events at our offices.



Some of our clients find it useful for us to attend regular or occasional Board meetings. Sometimes, this is because they wish to comment on important regulatory, corporate governance or risk management matters, based on our experience and that of other clients who have had to deal with similar issues. Alternatively, it may be that we are advising the company on a major transaction or dispute and the Board wishes to be briefed by us on the strategic, tactical, legal or related issues.



We provide regular CPD accredited seminars on wide-range subject areas and can provide bespoke seminars for clients on issues that are of particular interest. This can reduce the need for external training suppliers and help our clients save time and money.