International Investment & Trade Law

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Our international economic law team is comprised of experts in both international investment law and international trade law respectively. The team offers multifaceted legal services to both foreign investors (individuals & corporate entities), and host states. The expertise of our team cut-across the entire international investment field. In particular, we offer specialized legal services on:

  • Pre-investment issues
  • Political and regulatory risk
  • Investment Insurance
  • Investment protection mechanisms
  • Advise on investment friendly legal regimes
  • Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • Regulatory and administrative framework
  • Standards of treatment
  • Investment Dispute Avoidance


In addition, our expertise in international trade covers the entire World Trade organization (WTO) law practice. Our Lawyers are vast in WTO law and practice. The team is equipped in providing technical legal services to WTO member states regarding their trade obligations or aligning their national laws to their obligations. We offer specialized legal services in the following areas:

  • GATT
  • GATS
  • Trips Agreement