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Our litigation team comprises of highly skilled and trained lawyers qualified to appear before all the courts in Nigeria. We have specialized teams with specific focus to specialized areas of law in response to multifaceted globalization of legal practice. Some of our lawyers are specialized in Oil and Gas litigation, Telecommunication cases, Criminal litigation, Construction litigations etc. Moreover, the African region is currently undergoing rapid transformation in development and growth, leading to surge in the volume of litigations. Our litigation team is equipped to respond to both global and regional demands of expertise and sophistication.


Furthermore, we have in-depth knowledge of Nigerian laws and regulations. For foreign matters, we work with lawyers in our various overseas networks or with preferred lawyers in other locations, to bring the relevant foreign law expertise wherever required.


Our team of lawyers can assist our clients at every step of the litigation procedure. Our advocates have full rights of audience to appear before all the courts and tribunals in Nigeria. We pursue cases with vigor whether through a negotiated solution or where required through the court process, to judgment and enforcement. Our team has capability in enforcing judgments against both private and public entities anywhere in the world. We have an extensive track record of achieving excellence to the satisfaction of our clients.


Organizations today face the prospect of costly and time-consuming litigation when a dispute arises; if a company loses its case, its very survival can be at risk.

Companies facing lawsuits need the help of legal experts trained in all aspects of commercial litigation. We have recognized expertise in resolving complex legal problems quickly and cost effectively.


Our expertise encompasses all types of commercial litigation and we pride ourselves on developing inventive and efficient means of resolving our clients’ unique problems. We represent our clients’ interests in matters such as:

  • Contract issues including Enforcement and interpretation
  • Negligence Action
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Litigation
  • Shareholders’ Disputes
  • Administrative and Constitutional Law Matters
  • Real Estate Litigation including Mortgage Enforcement Actions
  • Defamation Action
  • Security Regulatory and Litigation Matters
  • Tax Litigation