Alternative Dispute Resolution

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TRI – NASR provides practical and innovative ways to resolve disputes. Wherever people interact – in the workplace, the family, school, the community etc – our approach to disputes has proven effective. We approach disputes through Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration.



We negotiate every day, both at work and at home. Few of us, however negotiate as well as we would like. Our approach to negotiation is such that allows you to look behind the positions and underlying interests and try to find a solution that is good to you, durable and maintain relationships.



Our approach to negotiation is such that our mediators assist disputing parties to negotiate indirectly. In Mediation, we try to help parties re-establish trust and respect, and prevent unnecessary damage to relationships. Thus, Mediation can save ties and reduce the financial and emotional cost of resolving a dispute.



Arbitration is the preferred method of dispute resolution in many complex transactions and contracts. We have acted in arbitrations within and outside Nigeria and appeared before both ad-hoc and institutional arbitral tribunals. We also have specialist expertise in investment treaty arbitration (ICSID) in respect of expropriation matters and energy Charter Treaty.


Our lawyers have many years of experience in international arbitration. Some of our lawyers have academic expertise in arbitration, including qualification up to a doctorate level in arbitration. Our lawyers’ expertise is focused on various specialist areas such as: investment treaty and expropriation; oil and gas; and construction and engineering etc. we have a track record of achieving outstanding results in arbitration matters for our clients.